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Project Management

We provide a dynamic yet structured approach to our customers’ challenging projects, and can intervene at any one of the given projects steps to help manage change. This involves:

  • The Elaboration of the Project’s Business Case
  • A Statement of Work and Project Charter
  • Organizing project teams and roles for each member
  • The identification and management of risks and interdependencies
  • A Breakdown of Work or Process Mapping
  • The Identification of Performance and Financial Tracking Indicators (KPI’s)
  • The elaboration of a Project Plan
  • The tracking and monitoring of the project’s advancement until completion

Above all, whether the project be a relatively simple change, or a complex project involving more than one company, or geographical location, we believe in and promote the most essential criteria for project success: TEAMWORK!

It is what makes a project a success, and it is also source of satisfaction for all those involved.

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Interim Supply Chain Management

We can help accompany you during your company’s changes.

Whether you need an additional resource for a task force, or a punctual replacement of staff member during a leave of absence, we can step in and provide quick and efficient support.

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Consulting Advice

Companies always need to perform according various standards. Tradeprojex can help build a quality system for your supply chain according to current norms (ISO 9000, Customs Conformity…etc.).

This can involve:

  • Audit of the “AS IS,” versus the required referential
  • Provide advice and recommendations to meet the “TO BE,” requirements
  • Help construct a quality system to guarantee continued conformity versus the requirements
  • Leading Continuous Improvement workgroups (LEAN, Cost Reduction…etc.)
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We can provide training in both English and French on various subjects (incoterms, customs, technical negotiations, project management).

We can also provide tailor-made trainings upon request.

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Sourcing, Purchasing Negotiation
and Supplier Management

We can help find new suppliers for your business needs, or negotiate contracts (RFI, RFQ’s, and Supplier Operating Procedures and Implementation of Requirements).

We can also set up Supplier Management Programs or intervene in Supplier Audits for your Supply Chain.

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Business Fields Covered

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Purchasing and Supplier Management

  • Sourcing and Risk Management linked to New Sources
  • Data reporting and analysis to build a referential (estimated volume or sales)
  • Definition of requirements
  • Requests for Information/Requests for Quotations
  • Contracts with performance/quality related conditions
  • Implementation of Control Mechanisms based on Performance Data
  • Supplier Operating Procedures
  • Supplier Scorecards and Audits

Examples of past work: World Wide RFQ for Expedited Freight, reducing expedited Freight Costs by 20%, Management of Purchasing Contracts for Multiple Suppliers.

3rd Party Manufacturing Management

  • Identification of Potential Suppliers
  • Qualification of Suppliers
  • Identification and Formalization of Order Handling *
  • *(transfer capacity identification, order transfer requirements, status reporting requirements on work in progress, lead time calculations including all segments of the transfer process, supplier instructions)

Examples of past work: Managed Production Control and Transfer of Work for Semiconductor Related Factories across the world (US, Singapore, Japan, Korea etc).

Trade Compliance and Logistics

  • Mapping out lanes from a compliance point of view: customs declarations, incoterms, export and import instructions, VAT handling
  • Setting up an effective Trade Compliance program
  • Enduser Statements (elaboration and tracking/archiving)
  • Help on Licensing Requests, or Special Customs Regimes
  • Internal Auditing
  • Training Programs
  • Leading New Software Projects related to Logistics or Trade Compliance

Inventory Management

  • Optimization of stock levels
  • Linking quality requirements to Inventory: incoming inspection requirements, introduction processes of new part numbers/phaseout of part numbers, Scorecards on Inventory KPI’S
  • Forecasting and Financial Reporting linked to Inventory
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About Us

"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

[ Antoine de St. Exupéry ]

Tradeprojex is an independent consulting business specializing in Supply Chain Management for the High Tech Industry.

As business in this segment is often complex and project-oriented, Tradeprojex offers its expertise to help companies:

  • Succeed operational challenges in supply chain related projects (acquisitions, re-organizations, software implementations, new product qualifications, external homologations)
  • Negotiate new contracts
  • Better manage 3rd party manufacturing
  • Stream line existing processes
  • Reduce costs and assess risks
  • Provide solutions for trade compliance requirements

Most of all, Tradeprojex strives to help customers respect their defined project’s due dates, as well quality and budget requirements. We track this from the project’s cradle to coffin.

Founder of Tradeprojex and Freelance Consultant, Jeanne CAMBO brings two decades of sales and supply chain management experience in the High Tech Industry to the job.

Prior to this appointment, she served as an interim Programme/Project Supply Manager in one of the departments for Strategic Purchasing for Airbus Helicopters where she was in charge of project management, international sourcing, as well as cost and contract optimization.

Previously, she spent the large majority of her career (17 years) in the semiconductor industry working at Toppan Photomasks where she held several positions in production control, inventory management, trade compliance and logistics.

Her final position was as Supply Chain Manager Europe for over 7 years where she set up many international “just in time,” supply chain processes to help serve major semiconductor companies. Earlier in her career, she also worked in Sales for Livingston Rentals for 5 years, offering telecommunications and test and measure equipment solutions.

Mrs. Cambo is a graduate of Davidson College, USA, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree with a specialization in French (she is bilingual in French and English).

Throughout her career she sharpened her supply chain skills (Project Management according to PMI/APM standards, Lean Manufacturing, Trade Compliance and VAT Trainings) according to ongoing business requirements.

Jeanne Cambo - President - Tradeprojex

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Jeanne CAMBO


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